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   Baked products Division

Pre.Mec begins to manufacture lines and systems for baked products in the second half of 2006. With baked products we mean all the products such as biscuits, crackers, rusks, slices of rice, etc.

Two new technical Engineers and one Sales Manager gave their precious contribution to undertake this new project. They have introduced for the first time and with great knowledge the automation in the Oven Industry.
The food machines Division carries out customized lines. This new system is able to transport and to handle the product from the exit of the oven until the packaging area.

The complete line between these two sections, that transports and handles the product to get on-edge and stack formats, is completely developed and manufactured from Pre. Mec.

The daily efforts and the deep determination achieved vey soon positive results. Several systems are working and one very important for rusks is operative in Italy.

Our main production lines:

linear.mec.® SLICE SPREADER
linear.mec.® SLICE SPREADER



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