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   Linear.mec.® slice spreader


Installed power 9 kW
Extractions/min 90
In-Feed height, mm 210 mm + Alt. rete
Overall dimensions mm (oven mesh mm) 2150 x 5400 x 2600
Weight 4200 kg


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Slice distributors or slice spreading machines are used to conveniently arrange the bread slices over the toasting oven mesh, in rusk production lines. linear.mec.® slice spreader represents a brilliant evolution of the today available machines, and encompasses the longstanding experience of pre.mec.’s design team in this particular field.

The equipment matches the use of advanced electronic technologies to a sturdy and precise mechanical design, where all proprietary components are machined in the pre.mec. workshop, following a consolidated practice of the Company. Full production process control and best quality are thus achieved, guaranteed by pre.mec.’s ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The geometrically perfect alignment of the slices over the mesh avoids production waste and greatly helps automation in the downstream
feeding line to the wrapping department, activity this one as well that fully engages the Company.

Operation details


The loaves exiting the slicing machine are received by two belts and transferred to a tray conveyor holding a given number of loaves per tray.

This steady process takes place until all trays are loaded. The loaves are then transferred at 90° to a storage area by means of comb-shapedupper plates and merge with the previous batch.

On the other end of the storage a roller equipped with pushing rods takes a slice from theend of the incoming lines, to form a row across occupying the available mesh width.

Product moves against the slicing roller with a lower comb plate, at a speed controlled by the pressure precisely measured on the roller by loadcells.

The machine accepts format changes, to be studied in function of the best occupation of the baking area and other parameters related
to the machine.

The main movements (in-feed tray conveyor, pushing upper and lower plates, slicing roller rotary motion) are servo-assisted
with brushless motors and axis controls..


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