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   Stack.mec.® Stacking loader


Stacking loaders are suited to all baked dry products having quite a regular shape and meant to be packed in stacks. pre.mec. has conceived stack.mec.®, a highly reliable stacking loader for production environments where not necessarily the maintenance team has to incorporate electronic technology experts.

As a matter of fact the loader is entirely mechanical and represents a useful return to the past where however the mechanisms incorporate an innovative design and where the best and latest commercial components are wisdomly used.

All proprietary components, following pre.mec.’s tradition, are produced in-house by skilled personnel using work centers equipped to cater for any type of machining required by the food industry equipment

Operation details

In general, the product previously arranged on edge by transport and conditioning lines, manufactured by pre.mec. as well, is driven to the loader vertical magazines and extracted from the low level end to be introduced in synchronisation into the wrapper’s chain. The number of
magazines or channels present in the stack.mec.® loader is a function of the line configuration and of the number of wrapping machines necessary for the required production.

Given the high extraction rates achievable (up to 400 extractions/min), the loader is generally made by a low number of channels. The one represented in this brochure has three channels and yields to a production of 400 stacks of 5 per minute. Synchronisation to the wrapper chain can be achieved mechanically (power take-off from the wrapping machine) or with an independent motor linked to the wrapper by an electrical axis.

Thanks to the specific design of the extraction groups, the contact of the extractors with the product is extremely swift and the high speeds of this loader are achieved with the subsequent acceleration impressed by the cams without damaging the product.

Another fundamental stack.mec.® subassembly is the front holder, which can be raised for easy access to the area, to eliminate dust or broken pieces. Further, a handle adjusts its position in order to correct process tolerance variations.


Power 1,8 kW
Extractions/min 400
Chain height tra 800 e 900 mm
Feeding channels height 2200 x 5200 x 1650
N. of channels da 2 a 6
Dimensions mm (3 channels) 1500 x 1200 x 780
Weight (3 channels) 280 kg

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